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About Autumn

Life is the greatest adventure.


With so many explorations to make, people to meet, and places to visit, there isn't enough time in one lifetime to do it all. History surrounds us and is being made simultaneously. 

Hi, I'm Autumn, and I've loved to travel and explore for as long as I can remember. New sounds, sights, smells, and tastes light me up. And sharing those experiences with others through written and visual expression is the icing on the cake. I've created this space to share my explorations and bring you along for the journey. It will be filled with a mixture of current and past travels, lessons learned, people met, and interesting side notes along the way. Grab a coffee or tea, and join me on the journey of life.

Current project:

  • Student at the University of Washington, studying Integrated Social Sciences.

  • Study abroad in Italy, with a focus on refugees and asylum seekers who have come to Italy, and the organizations that support them.

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